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MDVIP- affiliated practice

With an emphasis on prevention and detecting and treating illness early, MDVIP-affiliated physicians have achieved significant results. Studies show that patients in MDVIP-affiliated practices are receiving more recommended preventive care services, and chronic health conditions are being managed more effectively. In addition, patients are hospitalized and readmitted less often. When it comes to staying healthy and out of the hospital, you have a trusted partner in your MDVIP-affiliated physician. 

What are some of the benefits of being a member of an MDVIP-affiliated physician?

  • Same-day or next-day appointments 

  • Appointments that start on time

  • Unhurried office visits that last as long as you need

  • Each patient has the physician's personal cell phone number for use after-hours and weekends

The MDVIP Wellness Program is the heart of the MDVIP practice. Your membership includes this program which encompasses physician counseling and advanced wellness screenings. The comprehensive lab tests are analyzed by Cleveland Heart Lab and are customized by Dr. LeBlanc to fit your needs. Diagnostic tests such as an EKG, lung function, vision screening and body composition analysis are some of the tests performed in our office. 

This initial testing appointment will consist of blood and urine specimens, then you perform the screening tests, taking about an hour. You return 2 weeks later for a 90 minute appointment for your exam and to review your test results, and together develop a personal wellness plan to implement throughout the year.