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Heart Attack and Stroke       Risk Assessment 

The leading thinkers and practitioners in the field of heart attack and stroke prevention are Drs. Bradley Bale and Amy Doneen. They developed the Bale Doneen Method which they have been using with tremendous success for over 15 years to detect hidden vascular disease and effectively treat existing disease to prevent further problems. They have also written a book "Beat the Heart Attack Gene" which explains their method and celebrates the successes they have seen.  

In addition to standard care, which is based on checking patients for certain CVD (cardiovascular disease) risk factors, the Bale Doneen Method also uses advanced lab tests, genetics, and imaging to directly check each patient for hidden signs of arterial disease. If plaque is found in the arteries, the person is at risk for a heart attack or an ischemic stroke - and needs optimal care advised by the Bale Doneen Method.

Could you have hidden plaque in your arteries or a genetic predisposition to developing it in the future? What can you do to prevent plaque, or if you already have it to prevent it from causing a heart attack or stroke? Dr. LeBlanc is now able to provide the same risk assessments as these esteemed providers, as a certified premier Bale Doneen clinic. 

You do not have to be a current patient of Dr. LeBlanc's to have this extensive evaluation. 

What is the process of this risk evaluation?

  1. Complete a comprehensive health summary and extensive family history form.

  2. Fasting lab tests which can be drawn in our office, or can be arranged at an outside facility if you live out of town.

  3. Genetic testing which is accomplished by an oral rinse (can be done the same day as your labs or we can have a kit mailed to you)

  4. Carotid artery B-mode ultrasound which looks for plaque in the wall of the artery and assesses the thickness of wall. This is done in our office.

  5. Diagnostic tests such as EKG, peripheral vascular screening, body composition analysis and lung function testing will be done either on the day of your labs, or the day of your appointment if you are coming from out of town

  6. About 2 weeks after all tests results are in, you will have a 3 to 4 hour appointment with Dr. LeBlanc for an exam and to review all test results and receive written recommendations on that day. 

Want more information about the Bale Doneen Method? Click on the image below for a link to their website.


Are you ready to meet with Dr. LeBlanc to discuss the risk assessment process in more detail? 

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