Cheri H LeBlanc, MD


MDVIP-affiliated Practice

The "VIP" in MDVIP stands for value in prevention. You are the center of attention in our MDVIP-affiliated practice. To provide a greater focus on wellness, we limit the size of our practice to a fraction of what is seen in a traditional practice. You know that you will receive care that you cannot receive anywhere else. 

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Heart Attack and Stroke Risk Assessment: Bale Doneen Method

Heart attacks and strokes cause 1 in 3 deaths in the USA. Each year cardiovascular disease takes more lives than all forms of cancers combined. Our current methods have not properly identified people at risk for this preventable disease. Don't we all know someone who didn't have risk factors and looked like the picture of health, until they suffered a heart attack or stroke? For younger people (under the age of 65) the first symptom is often fatal. There is a risk assessment that can properly classify your risk. 

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Bale Doneen Practice

This service is a beautiful marriage of taking the risk assessment of the Bale Doneen Method and implementing the plan developed during this evaluation by using optimal, ongoing care delivered in the framework of  my MDVIP-affliated practice model. This makes our practice a truly unique model to save lives.

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We have a passion for educating the public on the latest advances in medicine. We strongly believe that everyone should understand that heart attacks and strokes can be prevented no matter what your personal or family history is. We will educate through a blog and frequently in live seminars throughout the year. Check back often for updates

Dr. LeBlanc is on the speaker bureau for Bale Doneen Method and is available to speak to organizations or interest groups.

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